Inside The River

Hi, everyone.  So, I am sitting at the front desk of House of Jai Yoga Studio, feeling inspired…to do what I didn’t know yet.  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a novel I’ve written called, “Inside the River,” and so my thoughts went to Ana and Emma, the two inspirational women characters in my book (more on that later, I promise shameless plugging and excerpts).

And then I went deeper inside, really getting interested in my internal world.  Have you done that recently? We are a society driven by what we see, manipulated and seduced by the glossy pictures and waxy fruit.  But when we close our eyes, and decide to listen to the sound of our breath, understanding that our simple inhale and exhale feeds our life, we can ride that to a place where all the answers sit, patiently awaiting to be remembered.

It’s scary for me.  I tend to outwardly go to the edges to find a feeling.  I like the happy ones, the ones attached to desire and excitement.  The feelings that make the colors around me brighter, the feelings that make me fill bigger and fuller.  It’s a powerful drug, those feelings.

But sometimes it’s not about a feeling.  Sometimes it’s about being on that long line for the women’s bathroom and finally deciding we are no longer the person who cleans everyone else’s mess on the seat — we are now the type of person who adds to the mess!  Sometimes it’s about whether we wake up and choose to feel blessed or victimized.  Sometimes it’s about letting it go, because “anger is drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” (Buddha)

And then I heard that little voice, that wise instinct we hardly listen to and always say after a mistake full of lessons, ‘Wow, I wish I listened to my gut,’ and it said: blog.

So here I am, a 43 year old single parent of 2, writing a book, working at a yoga studio, recently and with total vulnerability in love, and I’m beginning a blog?

How about spinning (I hear it’s addicting) or flamenco lessons (on my bucket list) or even cleaning out my closets (a promise I’ve consistently broken my entire life).  But I decided to ride the breath and say yes to where it took me…so here I am.  Welcome to my sharing.

Please go and listen to what your breath asks you to remember…and let me know.

Say yes to it…