To Bear Witness

“I left the morning I turned old enough to leave.  My father’s death bequeathed me my freedom.  I left the bay I’d grown up beside where my blood was washed away.”

-Emma Part 2

I’d written the short story about Ana twenty years ago.  Emma wasn’t in it and she wasn’t in the many attempts that came after, but when I sat down to write my book three years ago, she was born.  You see, Ana’s story needed a reason to be told and retold through the ages.  Ana needed a witness so her healing could be a reminder of what’s possible with a touch of magic and the willingness to forgive. Ana returned to Emma what was lost.

Don’t we all deserve a witness –to the joy, the heartache, the healing, and the laughter; a witness to our courage, our failure, our embarrassments, our shame. I guess that’s what this blog is about, why the itch to write this book had never sated, why my words, hidden for so long and now unleashed, matter.  And that’s why Ana needed Emma just as much as Emma needed her.

To the many people out there, who have been my witness…I am truly grateful.


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