The Dream Drawer

I’m confident in saying that all of us have a dream drawer where we neatly hide the thing(s) that if lived out would connect our internal wishes with our external way of living.  For me, it was always this book.  For you out there it could be photography, or travel, or starting a hipster brand of sunglasses…

What I find interesting is the difference between me having a dream and letting it breathe as compared to those who are living their passion.  How did they take it out of their drawer?

Fear is an easy answer.  It’s scary to take what is closest to your heart and put it out there where you can be criticized, and where you can fail.  Even success can be scary and keep the drawer locked. The stress and constant change of life can make it difficult to pursue a passion when your responsibilities keep you grounded down in the basics of day to day life. These seem like simple answers that make a whole lot of sense, but I still think there’s something else.

Maybe successful people living their dreams are just smarter and more creative and braver than I am? Not everyone is talented or talented enough.  But then I look around, and I have to admit that many times the most talented are not the most successful. Music comes to mind and so does books.

So here is where I make my guess, after 20 years of having this dream of “Inside the River,” and if Ang Lee wants to read this and give me a different answer as to how he (a gifted visionary) took his dream out of the drawer, I will edit my answer if his differs from my guess…

I think those people, the Ang Lees out there, have drawers that don’t close.  They don’t say what if I could be…they act as if they are already.  They don’t use their fear to stop them, they use their fear to drive them.  The stress if life is unbearable if they can’t live what they love.  It’s not about talent (although of course it’s needed), and it’s not about luck (although it definitely helps); I think they have broken drawers and their dreams seep out and what is not hidden is lived.  They never asked what if I couldn’t do this or what if it didn’t work out or what if no one likes it…because their dream was organically leaking out into everything they did.

That’s my guess…a broken drawer. And so about four years ago, I smashed the lock and took off a hinge.


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  1. I was going to post this but thought my love oozing on the pages of your blog might not be what the masses want to read.

    I may have opened my own drawer; however, my dresser has more then one. That said you make facing my fears less daunting.

    That’s it.nothing you don’t already know. Love you so!



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