Please follow my blog! And here’s why (and that includes you, Ang Lee)

I decided to start this blog as a spontaneous dip into the social media world. Writing a book is a lonely business and my desire to have others read my work led me to this bridge of sorts.

I have no idea how to successfully blog and so I googled how to get more followers and here is what I found:

I’ve been looking for readers in all the wrong places (I tried to read more about that on Derek Halpern’s great blog page with over 45,000 followers, but I started singing the Johnny Lee song and decided to make a chai tea).

Kasia Mikoluk says that it pays to be extraordinary.  I am extraordinary, so please follow my blog!

WordPress told me that each time I publish new content on my blog, my followers receive an update, either on their read blogs page or via email.  Isn’t that reason enough to become a follower of my blog — it’s so convenient!

Lots of sites said I should shamelessly plug myself (and if you look back on my first blog, I actually say “shameless plugging.”)  Seriously, go look it up and hit follow while you’re at it!

One day Ang Lee will be making the movie version of my book (although he doesn’t know it yet) and you can say that you were one of my first followers!

Okay…if you have a blog and follow me, I promise to follow you!!!

Please send me helpful tips and comments (lots of sites say I should be engaging with my followers and include them in the conversation).


I would love to know your thoughts...thanks for sharing!

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