I have Yoga butt…there, I admitted it

The anatomical explanation of my yoga butt is (can vary a touch in others but in same general area)a pain in the insertion of my hamstring which is right under my buttock, trigger points in my piriformis, and tightness in my hip flexor with bouts of sciatica that runs down my leg and numbs my toes.

Yoga butt happens to many who do a rigorous and consistent practice of vinyasa yoga.  Sometimes we rely on our flexibility rather than aligning our joints properly and using our muscles to strengthen such alignment.

Sometimes the pain would be a whisper and sometimes a scream; but recently it got quiet.  It didn’t have to make noise because I could hear the silent tearing and I knew if I didn’t drop my ego, my pride would force me off the mat. Now I put a block in between my legs for every pose I can and the irony is that not only am I getting stronger and feeling the ease of conscious alignment, but I am also healing myself at a rapid pace.  I am loving the refinement of this new practice after 14 years of thinking I knew…beginners mind is always a gift.

So why is it so damn hard to admit to an injury and modify?  And here is the yoga on and off the mat…we suffer physically, emotionally, spiritually, on a daily basis.  We know it hurts and sometimes we can pinpoint exactly where or exactly why, and yet we continue with our routine, triggering the pain and adapting to its effect as if it is normal.  Suffering is part of life, but prolonging it and doing nothing about it, is a choice.

It’s also hard to admit and modify because we are, I AM, getting older and my yoga party tricks prove only that my ego is still on my mat.  And off the mat, when I live in the past, I allow fear and anxiety to cloud my present moment.  As the expression goes (that many of us yogis have heard repeatedly) “Honor where you’re at.”

So here I am, admitting to the hurt and doing something about it.  I am honoring the practice of life, not the perfection of it.

I invite you to join this party!!





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