My words have flown to 29 countries….

I started this blog in a spontaneous, whimsical moment.  My intention was to share my process of finishing my novel, peppered with my journey inside yoga.  The umbrella for all this grace was to announce that Ang Lee IS going to make the movie version of “Inside the River,” (even though he doesn’t know it yet).

I sent this blog out, courageously and without expectations, like a curious experiment, like dipping a toe into the fast current of a river.  And, somehow, people from 29 different countries have come to my site and read my words.  I don’t know which words or how you found me (would love to hear your comments).

My mind is blown…truly.  So I am writing this blog in gratitude for your time spent here.  I don’t know who you are, but please know, you reading my words, matter to me.

It’s taken a long time to feel worthy of my expression.





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  1. My name is Steven and I presently live far away (and down under…lol) in Long Island. I have never followed a blog before, nor have I ever been interested in doing so. Once I found you, your words have touched me deeply. I wish I could tell you which words, but I am inspired by them all. It’s taken a long time to feel worthy of my expression as well!

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