Every movie I make. That’s my hideout, the place I don’t quite understand, but feel most at home. –Ang Lee

So often I have sat inside my comfort zone, because I understood it.  It was important that it all made sense, that it wasn’t, with obvious intention, anything too risky.   My days flowed with a routine, a drowsy, seamless state of mind.

There is a creative fire inside me (as there is in all of us) and somehow not exercising it was keeping me in what I can label as my low grade fever days.  I wasn’t sick and my life was full of joy and laughter but there was a tiredness to my efforts.

“Inside the River,” has been the house guest I’d ignored for a long time, the light dazzling outside wanting to play, the risk of conscious action.  Writing those words, wrapped around a story brewing inside me for over twenty years, starting a blog, joining twitter yesterday (not sure I quite get that concept yet) and allowing myself this voice (read in 37 countries…would love to know who you are), has taken me to a place I don’t quite understand.

But it’s home….


I would love to know your thoughts...thanks for sharing!

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