House of Jai 30 day Yoga Challenge

mindypicI work and practice at House of Jai yoga studio in New York City.  As many of you have read, my yoga practice, my action of self-study, has unleashed the courage needed to finish my novel, “Inside the River.”

The studio has started a fun and non-competitive 30 day yoga challenge.  The challenge is to get on your mat every day for a month.  It doesn’t have to be at House of Jai so there is a wonderful component of Satya or truth to the challenge.

Today is Day 1 and so I thought I would write about it and perhaps give updates every few days as to how being aware of a daily choice can shift old habits of mind and body.  For years, I’ve been getting on my mat almost every day, and each time the practice teaches me something as I hold onto my beginner’s mind.

Day 1 is a seated meditation pose.  I chose to sit on my mat at home, and on a bolster so my hips are higher than my thighs, making it easier to align and balance myself.  It also helps drain some of the fluid in those hips, and we tend to hold a lot of our unconscious in that area…all those push under the rug emotions often get stuck in the hips.

My photo is in my pj’s or my version of sleepwear…no make up, my hair tussled.  It was my time to meditate, to drop my ego, to bolster my journey inward.  Yoga is a journey inward and my action of stillness is a path to my center.  So I offer up the challenge to all those out there, beginners all of us, to get on your mat in some way, for some amount of time, and take notice of the effects.  Take notice of the shift and the space and what comes your way.  After ten minutes on my bolster, I felt open and grateful.

Happy challenge…and please let me know! Check out House of Jai on all the social media sites for other fun photos and insights.


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