Gratitude Unlocks

It may feel easier to hold in your anger, shame, frustration, fear.  Who wants to confront the noise when there are so many distractions out there that feel good, instantly?

I always thought kindness or love or some unexpected or earned success would release it…if my life was like this and this and that then all the other stuff would disappear.  But what I have found, intimately, is that gratitude unlocks it all.  When I can open my eyes and see all that I am thankful for then all the other stuff that is out of my control loses its relevance.  And when I can express my gratitude, then I get to share the best parts of all of us, and together we elevate the world.

I’ve been part of a book club for about 8 years now.  We meet almost every month and so we have talked about a lot of books.  Last night we spoke about my book, Inside the River.  It became this real entity for me, outside of my head, outside of my saved document, felt and interpreted through someone else’s perspective.  Their comments were thoughtful, provocative, intriguing, and helpful.  And like the water that keeps us buoyant, their kindness lifted me up.

I want to thank them….Amy, Gail, Cici, Leslie, Christina, Meryl, and Dalia.



  1. Mindy, “Inside the river” sets a brand new dimension of book writing, it is the first book combining social issues with enchanting magics. The pages Inside the River , slowly sink into readers’ body and mind, like ripples they gradually touch its readers heart. I could not help to go back to the book many times to re-read those enchanting, revealing, and joyful words. I love this book.

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