Rejection is just a game of catch

Yes, I am trying to find an agent for my book, “Inside the River.”

Rejection: from Latin rejectionem, “act of throwing back.”

I kinda dig that image.  I am sending out my query letter and unknown people are throwing it back to me…still in one piece, without stealing or using any of the parts.  I get to keep it and throw it out to someone else.  And so the game continues, like playing catch.

Soon, someone (very clever and innovative) will want to hold onto my query and then want to help me with my book.  A new game of catch begins with a wider audience and the opportunity for larger teams that may actively throw back.

It happens every day, in small and big ways, and oftentimes this sense of rejection feels far from a playful banter between yes and no.  We swallow it and digest fear and sadness, loneliness and insecurity.

Yoga has taught me to take action without clinging to the end result. And so with each throw back, I just send it back out with deep gratitude to be able and willing to play.




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