Find the Funny Fridays (FTFF)

This is my new thing…Find the Funny Fridays!

I think it’s so important to find the funny whenever and wherever you can…especially if you can laugh at yourself, knowing that we all fall, fumble, and fail sometimes. It is especially helpful while staying positive as I try to find an agent for my book!

Here’s my first funny post:

My family used to go away on vacations with another family.  One December we went to Acapulco.  I was in the throes of puberty, some phase of curving and carving myself out towards womanhood (I think around 11 or 12 maybe).  It was a beautiful day; all the days were completely, and at times relentlessly, without clouds.  I was swimming in the pool with my friends (if you read this, Nussbaum ladies, you know who you are) and got out of the water to sit on the side of the pool.

Now, let me backtrack and say that I have always had some degree of awful eyesight.  So, to swim and cool off under the hot, Mexico sun, I had to take my contacts out.

And now, I continue with my funny, sitting on the side of the pool.  My friends were on the other side and gesturing to me with large waves of their hands. I, squinted my eyes and waved back, matching their waves with large waves of my own.  They continued gesturing and I continued gesturing back.  I guess, after a certain amount of time, time enough for them to realize that I was not understanding their quiet attempt to help me, they had to finally scream out, “Your bathing suit is off!”

I looked down and my bikini top was floating in the water.

I found the funny…maybe not at that moment but pretty soon after.

What’s your funny? (PS I just googled FTFF and I apologize…not what I wanted to say…kept it because it’s FUNNY)


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  1. There are plenty of FTFF in our friendship. Sometimes you don’t recall them…good thing I’ve documented them!!! Miss you! Enjoy your weekend. When does your house become a full house again? I bet you’re counting the days.


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