Find the Funny Friday: Procrastination

Procrastination is a find the funny Friday because we all tend to do the most outrageous things instead of the task at hand. These are a few of the things that I do when I sit down to write and don’t write:

I speak whatever I had recently written in a strange, almost slavic accent

My nails suddenly need to be cut to perfection

Tea needs to be made and then more tea and more tea and sometimes I do a weird dance while making it

I need to look at all forms of social media and scroll down and keep scrolling

I think about weird things that need to be googled immediately: this new frog species, what is a black hole (I google that a lot and still can’t grasp it), what is that amazing Margaret Atwood quote from one of her books about not wanting to know about someone’s past, all things Rumi, what is the temperature of Rome in March, where is Sean Connery now?

I pace around my apartment and do some more weird dancing

I call Aetna again and fight with them

I tap my feet to the Cher song, do you believe in love

I start to write…

What are some funny things you do?